Posted on 22 September 2020

New material J.P. Vis & Zn. for climate friendly transports

J.P. Vis & Zn. B.V. now equips two new Eco combinations for temperature-controlled transports of perishable goods for their daily transport services to and from Scandinavia. Both Scania 500 S trucks are equipped with a cooling system of Frigoblock that powers the cooling for the cargo areas of the entire combination. This means that the Euro-6 Scania engine enables both the drive of the truck and the electrical cooling for the loaded goods. The result is a quiet and clean method of product cooling thanks to this integrated electrical system.
During configuration of the trucks, there was a special focus on reduction of the combinations own weight. With attention to the daily equipment of these trucks and the nature of the transported goods, the best result was achieved by combining the low weight Scania chassis with light but very
solid wheels and cargo areas. For food safety and proper securing of the goods, the cargo areas are equipped with extra rails, reinforced walls and floors and impact resistant LED illumination.

Electric Transport Cooling

Not only does the Frigoblock cooling system help to reduce the weight of the truck and its exhaust figures, it is also a crucial equipment for delivering the temperature sensitive goods in perfect condition to the clients. The new Eco combinations enable J.P. Vis to create 3 separate temperature zones in one truck. With the company’s specialization in groupage transport of temperature sensitive and time critical goods, these new eco combinations expand the options to offer the clients a combination of fruit, vegetables and i.e. flowers with various characteristics in one transport, without
compromising the temperature demands for the goods during transports.

Compliance to legal demands

While transporting goods to and from Scandinavia, our trucks cross Germany. De new ecocombinations meet all recent demands in Germany for Langfahrzeuge and are equipped with camera’s, a blind spot monitoring system and blinkers of the whole side that work in sequence with the blinkers of the truck. Also, our drivers of these trucks have driving permits for these long trucks, so the total package secures the safety of driver and fellow road users.

CO2 neutral transport

J.P. Vis recently became a member of the logistics group of Hartman Expeditie. One of the many similarities is the incentive for sustainability in all aspects of the operations combined with a focus on reduction of negative environmental effects of its transport activities. At this moment, a private eco label is developed. This label will be supported by a website displaying all environmental results as well as explaining current and future efforts to achieve a climate neutral logistic operation. Examples are current successful tests with LNG trucks at Hartman Expeditie that, thanks to combining forces, will also find their way in J.P. Vis operations very soon.

Another initiative is the use of HVO-100 as a fossil-free alternative for regular diesel oil. HVO-100 is produced from fossil free waist material and offers a plant to wheel reduction of 78% in CO2 exhaust. If you combine the characteristics of this alternative fuel with the benefits of electrical cooling, it is fair to say that the new Eco combinations are on the road with a fossil free solution for her clients!