Fossil free fuel

An important contribution to CO2 reduction is replacing fossil fuels for alternative sources. Currently, we already make use of HVO-100 fuel as a replacement for fossil diesel fuel. HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. This premium fossil free diesel is made of 100% renewable raw materials which do not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. HVO-100 is produced out of waste vegetable oils and/or animal fats and is a premium, 100% clean quality fuel with excellent performance in any circumstances  supported by all the European truck brands. Green Label Logistics has documents that prove the amount of HVO-100 used in her current transport flows and is working on expansion of the use of this fuel on suitable transport flows.

Green Label Logistics has successfully implemented a LNG truck into her fleet. LNG stands for Liquid Natural Gas and trucks running on LNG trucks reduce their CO2 emissions by 20% compared to diesel trucks. At short notice, Hartman Logistics Group will equip seven additional LNG trucks that will result in a further reduction of exhaust and has planned another expansion of the LNG Fleet for 2021. LNG produces less co2 when equipped in trucks but the product itself is not fossil free. The alternative and fossil free solution, Bio LNG sourced from waste products, becomes more and more available and can be used in our LNG trucks without further modifications.

The LNG trucks are used intensively in a 24 hour schedule with a crew in shifts. This results in an increase of the annual mileage  to 250,000 km. When all  seven trucks are in operation at the end of 2020, they will cover a distance of 1.75 million kilometers per year, and have a big, positive impact on our environmental goals.