Posted on 4 December 2020

Two new Iveco’s for J.P. Vis & Zn.

J.P. Vis & Zn. uses two Iveco S-Way NP trucks for journeys to and from Scandinavia. The 460 hp tractors are used 24 hours a day for loading and unloading in the Benelux and for coupling trips to Scandinavia. Due to the large action radius of 1600 kilometers, the trip from the Netherlands or Belgium to the Danish border or Travemünde and back is no problem at all.

J.P. Vis & Zn. is committed to sustainability and the purchase of the Iveco LNG trucks is part of that strategy. By making intensive use of the LNG trucks, a CO2 reduction of about 20% is achieved. With Bio LNG, this can even rise to more than 90% as soon as it becomes generally available. Another advantage over diesel is that Iveco’s LNG engines cause virtually no particle emissions.

Intensive commitment
The investment in sustainability is partly recouped by the fuel advantages that driving on LNG entails. From 1 January 2021, the tax refund of 18.7 cents per liter in the Netherlands will be implemented. This makes LNG a wonderful and sustainable alternative. According to director Ronald Hartman: “We use the trucks intensively, which means that CO2 savings are increasing rapidly. With mileage of more than 6000 kilometers per week per vehicle, we really make a difference. We opted for the deployment at J.P. Vis & Zn. as many couple trips are carried out to Scandinavia. That too is a conscious choice that allows us to work more sustainably and efficiently.”

1600 kilometers range
The Iveco S-Way LNG tractors are equipped with fuel tanks on both sides of the chassis. This is possible because Iveco has relocated all kinds of components that are normally mounted on the side. For example, air tanks are located on the inside of the chassis and the batteries are located in the rear overhang. Thanks to this smart construction method and the LNG technology used by Iveco, the operating radius of the LNG tractors is 1,600 kilometers. This means less time lost at the pump, all the more so since the drivers only have to refuel with LNG. The maintenance interval is also an advantage of the Iveco trucks. This amounts to 90,000 kilometers for the Iveco LNG trucks.

Luxury version
Both Iveco trucks are equipped with the spacious S-Way AS sleeping cabin with high roof, equipped with all the luxury including leather seats, a luxurious leather steering wheel and a spacious fridge. The trucks are finished in the characteristic J.P. Vis & Zn. corporate identity with a light box, two air horns and extra lighting with which the trucks fit into the fleet of this company. Both new tractors were delivered by Iveco NLS and prepared by Iveco Schouten in Almkerk. Iveco dealer Cornelis Bedrijfsauto’s in Hoogeveen takes care of maintenance.