Posted on 15 December 2020

Four new Volvo FH 460 LNG trucks

The Hartman Group recently put four Volvo FH 460 Globetrotter LNG trucks into operation. Two Volvos were painted in the Hartman Expedition colours and the other two in the J.P. Vis & Zn. colours. With the four LNG trucks, these transport companies are taking a new step in making road transport to and from Scandinavia more sustainable.

The four LNG trucks are part of the sustainability vision of Hartman Expeditie and J.P. Vis & Zn. under the name Green Label Logistics. The companies provide insight into what is already being done on CO2 reduction and what the objectives are. “The ultimate goal is to realize CO2-neutral transport and driving on LNG is an important step in this. By organizing our journeys differently, we can handle the range of Volvo LNG trucks excellently. The trucks are mainly used for commuter journeys to the north, where we connect with drivers who come from Scandinavia. By refueling with LNG in Hamburg, the range is no problem,” says director Ronald Hartman.

High mileage
The new Volvo trucks are used day and night, which means that the mileage increases quickly. Every evening the trucks leave for northern Germany to connect. On return to Veenoord, another driver takes over the truck for a day trip in the Netherlands. In addition, return cargo from Scandinavia is unloaded in the Benelux, after which fresh goods are loaded at various addresses. Both Hartman Expeditie and J.P. Vis & Zn. specialize in the groupage of conditioned goods such as fruit and vegetables and flowers and plants. The cargo is then transhipped in the new transhipment DC in Veenoord and distributed as efficiently as possible for the journey to the final destination. Due to the size of the company, which now has 120 trucks, there is a constant flow between the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Best price per kilometer
The choice for Volvo LNG trucks was prompted after an extensive test over a longer period. “The Volvo FH 460 LNG turned out to combine the best price per kilometer with the highest comfort level. The trucks drive just like a diesel truck, but quieter. Furthermore, the pulling power of the FH 460 LNG with its 2300 Nm was experienced as very good by our test drivers. In addition, the Volvo FH LNG offered the best TCO with its long maintenance interval (the same as that of a diesel truck, ed.) And the advanced LNG technology, ” says Ronald Hartman.

Luxury finish
The spacious Volvo Globetrotter cabs come in the Unlimited Edition version with the Driver Deluxe Package, which includes automatic air conditioning, an electrically operated roof hatch, leather armrests on both seats and extensive exterior trim with various parts painted in the cab color. The truck is also equipped with a leather steering wheel with a so-called “Neck Tilt” function: a multi-adjustable steering wheel. On the outside there are the special logos and the chrome surround of the steps in the grille and the chrome door handles.

The trucks were supplied by Nijwa Trucks Veenoord. Located 500 meters from Hartman Expeditie, this Volvo Trucks dealer was voted best workshop in 2019.